About Us

Domestic Science was setup by artists Glenn Boulter, Ross Dalziel and Hwa Young Jung to explore a playful notion of what the Domestic could be. Our key approach is to not use science and technology as a subject for our practice but rather explore it as a culture.

We have over 10 years experience co-founding, supporting, developing and participating in innovative grass-roots organisations in technical, artist-led and maker cultures.

As directors of organisations like Digital Media Labs, Octopus Collective,

Re-Dock and SoundNetwork
we use our unique artistic vision to foster critical collaboration, participation and generate sustainable havens for creative work that remain open and engaging to the public.

Our methodology is building relationships with people as co-researchers. We have a life-long learning attitude towards education, and attempt to bring in critical thinking to technology, science and arts cultures. We see facilitation as a core creative part of our artistic practice and consider participants as fellow researchers.

Where did it all start?

Glenn and Ross developed a project with Millom Primary School for Octopus Collective, the Black Coombe Text Adventures using Inform in 2012. Later on they worked with Hwa Young for Re-Dock and their Text Adventure Time project. Hwa Young made an adventure about how it all went which you can play here

Most recently Hwa Young made Beba-Me | Drink-Me in Brazil.

What have we made so far?

A Walter Benjamin Text Adventure Guide for TATE Collective Liverpool to understand the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction.

An Adventure about the Rainhill Trials for METAL in Liverpool to understand the history of rail travel

A Documentation Story for Code For Liverpool with it's own Repo on the Liverpool-UK github to understand what it means for a city to have a github account.

Ok Sparks!

Warning! Non-Downloadable Content: You Have To Be There!

Ok Sparks! is an art project by Domestic Science, Hwa Young Jung, Glenn Boulter and Ross Dalziel to understand the history of Wray Castle through mobile text adventures and investigative games running alongside social events with the Furness Amateur Radio Society and the Freshwater Biolgical Association. You can play the game that Glenn made at Liverpool MakeFest this weekend Saturday 25th June 2016, you just need a Ticket and to find us


All of our research involves collaborative work and prototyping to make things like Avatap which we made with Shrimping.It and RF-Craft which we then use to engage with the public. We also try to be critical in the way we build and use such tools and make sure they consider the technical and social contexts in which they are developed and where they are used and with whom. This kind of thinking led to the Critical-kits Symposium we worked on with Re-Dock

We are currently running research workshops and hackdays where we experiment and develop tools so everyone can have non-fiction adventures. You can play an adventure about our last workshop/pre-hack here. Tweet us @DomesticaSci if you want to get involved and watch things like the DoESLiverpool Google Group for further events!