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The Arcade De Bruno

Inspired by 8-Bit computer games made in html5 & bitsy The Arcade de Bruno, is a way of playing games to explore biological mechanisms that are stable and falsified enough to become the Black Boxes Bruno Latour talks about, the ready-made science that kits mobilise. You could say that kits are like black bin-bags, bagging up useful things.

Black Box Phage by creator WolfBox shows how Bacteriophage interact with cells. This Black Box has helped humans to end things like Smallpox and without it the structure of DNA may never have been found. 14C-2-DG Sugar Mice In the Wind is a playful tour through a process Dr Neil Dawson does here at the Faculty of Health & Medicine to analyse brain function in mice. Both are examples of model organisms; the essential oft unsung non-human collaborators in bio-medical science.

Black Box Phage

14C-2-DG Sugar Mice In the Wind HDPEtra

Model Organisms