Recent Games

You can play our recent games below. Some are quite involved, some quick experiments made in workshops and to document things we've done. Northern Powerhouse and Abandon Hope were made collaboratively with young people, commissioned by Re-Dock and Octopus Collective.

Our game Milecastles is a pervasive game distributed on ESP8266 micropython boards across Hadrian's Wall. It's driven by special RFID tags which hold your game state and mean you can access this game offline with no device; you must walk, search and discover the game content amongst a fascinating collection of roman history.

It's part of our ongoing research into using game culture to explore the world, it's technology and it's science. Have fun and get in touch if you want to know more!



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Library Of Forking Paths

Interactive Non-Fiction Hackday

Northern Powerhouse

The Walter Benjamin App

The Wray Castle
Text Adventure

The Making Of
Northern Powerhouse
& Text Adventure Time