Domestic Science

Domestic Science explore the science and data that surrounds us everyday. What is Domestic Science today? In the 70's this may have been how to cook well with some gendered role assumptions included. In the 21st Century this could mean internet security and identity, how to play minecraft, understand economic growth, historic water levels or monitor air quality for dangers of fracking.

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We've started our exciting new Endosymbiotic Love Calendar project funded by the Microbiology Society exploring the ecologies of microbes, humans and non-humans with 16 artists and scientists

We recently completed Class Aves for Liverpool Central Library as part of the Maker Difference programme supported by Arts Council England. This builds on our AVATAP RFID driven text adventure system for the Hadrian's Cavalry Project across Hadrian's Wall. Both games uniquely augment reality with location driven text adventures distributed on bespoke game-boxes running micro-python on an ESP8266 cockle encouraging reading and physical exploration.

Endosymbiotic Love

Class Aves

Interactive Non-Fiction

Ok Sparks!