Domestic Science

Domestic Science explore the science and data that surrounds us everyday. What is Domestic Science today? In the 70's this may have been how to cook well with some gender role assumptions included. In the 21st Century this could mean internet security and identity, how to play minecraft, understand economic growth, historic water levels or monitor air quality for dangers of fracking.

You can watch our Photostream, read about Ok Sparks!, play some games and artworks below, or explore Hwa Young Jung's Beba-Me | Drink-Me project in Brazil.

We've just completed Class Aves for Liverpool Central Library as part of the Maker Difference programme supported by Arts Council England. This builds on our project Milecastles for the Hadrian's Cavalry Project across Hadrian's Wall. Both games uniquely augment reality with RFID driven text adventures distributed on bespoke game-boxes running micro-python on a cockle encouraging reading, walking and exploration.

We also completed our Interactive Non-Fiction project and Arcade Of Babel in 2017 leading to the CLASS AVES installation.

Interactive Non Fiction is the name of one of our projects, but it also represents an approach to interactive art to explore domestic science. It's all about ways of using data from the internet, books, microfilm and other sources to make art through Text Adventure Games AKA Interactive Non-Fiction.

Recently we've been talking these games out of their usual browser based homes and made special arcade cabinets with local makers like James Medd and game books with Loughlin's to house games and artworks made by Glenn Boulter, Ross Dalziel and Hwa Young Jung for the public to play and explore. It means you can play text based games in a social way without needing a laptop. This makes our work more accessible and in the world where social meaning really happens.

Arcade Of Babel

Class Aves

Interactive Non-Fiction

Play Some Games!

Ok Sparks!